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Travel and tropical medicine

If you are traveling outside of Canada, you should be aware that you may need to obtain vaccinations in advance. If you have returned from abroad and find yourself suffering from a condition that you did not have before travelling, you may have contracted a disease abroad that we can help treat. These include:

In addition, you may be suffering from a condition related to your travel, or its after effects, such as motion sickness or altitude sickness.

Information on insurance coverage for travel and tropical medicine services.

To learn more about travel medicine, here are some useful links:

Health Canada Information for Travelers

US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travelersí Health

World Health Organization (WHO Weekly Epidemiologic Reports (WER)

International Society for Travel Medicine (ISTM)

The Medical Letter  ďAdvice for Travelers"

 Wits-End Med Clinic is:

An officially-designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre by Health Canada
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Listed as a Canadian Travel Medicine Centre
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Listed with the International Society of Travel Medicine. Click on "Travel Clinic Directory", enter "Thornhill" as the name of the city, "Canada" as the name of the country, and, if you wish, "Wits-End Med Clinic" as the name of the clinic.  


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